How To Set The Clock On Your Subaru Vehicle?

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It's Daylight Savings Time and, even though you may have lost an hour of sleep, your Subaru vehicle still has the original time making fun of your tired self. If you have a newer Subaru vehicle, such as the 2018 Subaru Outback, Legacy, Impreza, or Crosstrek, you may be wondering, "How do I change the clock on my Subaru?". Follow these simple directions and you'll be ready to conquer your day, after a cup of coffee of course.

  • On your infotainment touchscreen, go to the home screen.
  • From the home screen, click on settings and click the vehicle tab on the bottom of the screen.
  • Choose "clock adjustment" and select "Manual" and then the back button.
  • Now go to the multi-information display behind the steering wheel. Find the three buttons on the bottom of the steering wheel, the ones that have an arrow, i/set, and another arrow.
  • Pull the down arrow button and you'll see the multi-information display changing screens. Keep changing until you have found a menu screen that says "Pull and hold 'i/SET' switch for menu". If you aren't in park, this screen won't be visible.
  • Once you're there, pull and hold the i/set button until the screen changes. You'll find several other screens that you can switch with your arrow buttons. Find the "Clock" screen click the i/set button.
  • Choose the "adjust time" screen and click the i/set button again. Now adjust the time as needed, clicking the i/set button every time you have made your selection.
  • Select "go back" on every screen, clicking the i/set button as needed, until you are out of the settings program.

And now you have set the clock on your Subaru! If you have navigation, your clock should adjust for you, but many new Subaru models will need to be reset manually! If you still have questions, feel free to talk to one of our Sewell Subaru team members today!

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