2020 Subaru Ascent Has Been Reviewed And Received High Marks

Recently, The Car Connection reviewed the 2020 Subaru Ascent to see just how the three-row SUV held up against the rugged roads of the Rockies. With a full collection of seven passengers, they went up and down a mining road in the Colorado Rockies. According to The Car Connection's review, "The Ascent shrugged it off, proving that it has more off-road chops than some of those crossover SUVs that just look the part."

It's no surprise that the 2020 Subaru Ascent impressed. 

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Stand Out In The Latest Subaru WRX And STI Models: The Series.White Editions

New for the 2020 model year, the Subaru WRX and Subaru STI will be available in an icy new edition, the Series.White Edition. Each of these stunning cars will only have 500 units available, so we suggest our Dallas, Arlington, Irving, and other Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) area drivers act quickly if you're interested in this gorgeous new edition.

What Does The 2020 Subaru WRX And STI Series.White Editions Included?

Besides the impressive powertrains found in both the WRX and the STI, the Series.White Editions also come with:

  • An exclusive exterior shade of Ceramic White
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Four Reasons Why The Subaru Outback Is Great For Outdoors Adventures In Dallas TX

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The Subaru Outback is known for its capabilities and sense of adventure. If you're in the Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) area and you're looking for a vehicle that's ready to go off-the-beaten-path, here are four reasons why you'll want to choose the new Subaru Outback.

  1. Standard Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive With X-MODE - Whether you love to explore the off-roading trails or you're one that tends to stay on the Arlington, Irving, or Dallas roads, the Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive will help you safely arrive. 
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What Is The Subaru's Share The Love Event?

If you've been around Subaru vehicles, you've most likely heard of the Subaru Share The Love Event. But what exactly is it?

The Share the Love Event has been around for the past 11 years and has donated over $140 million to charities all over the country, including over 1,170 hometown charities. The Subaru company and all of its Subaru dealerships, including Sewell Subaru, want to make the world a better place by helping when we're able.

What Type Of Charities Do We Donate To?

The Share the Love Event donates to four major charities as…

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The 2020 Subaru Outback Has Been Chosen For Wards 10 Best User Experiences List

WardsAuto, one of the leading producers of automotive reporting, had their forth annual best user experience competition and they named 10 vehicles as the top 10 easiest cars to use. One of these 10 was the 2020 Subaru Outback.

WardsAuto labeled the Outback as having a user-friendly multimedia system and interior controls, effective driver-assist technology, great smartphone integration, and as the best overall value from the 10 winners.

It's no surprise that the 2020 Subaru Outback was given all of these compliments. 

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Get Ready For The New Limited-Edition Subaru STI S209

The U.S. is finally receiving Japan's exciting Subaru model, the STI S209! This limited-edition offers the power that our Arlington, Irving, and Dallas-Ft. Worth (DFW) drivers crave mixed with the handling, precision, and style that they need.

What Is The S209?

Developed in 1988, Subaru Tecnica International has been testing, developing, and introducing Subaru models to the performance market, whether that be in professional racing or not.

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Prepare For Off-Roading Adventures In The New 2020 Subaru Outback

Being revised for the 2020 model year, the Subaru Outback doesn't necessarily look like much has changed, but that is definitely not the case! This stunning crossover has received multiple new off-roading features, a larger over-all body, and plenty of ways to make your off-the-beaten-trail adventures possible.

Tested And Approved

Multiple people have tested the off-roading capabilities of the 2020 Subaru Outback, including MOTORTREND who took it on over 30-miles of off-roading trails. 

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How Is Subaru Making Their Vehicles More Driver Focused?

Distracted drivers are extremely dangerous. In fact, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 3,166 lives were lost in 2017 alone because of distracted driving. The Subaru DriverFocus™ Technology is attempting to help lower those numbers and keep every driver focused on what they should be: the road.

What Is Subaru DriverFocus™ Technology?

DriverFocus™ is a facial recognition program that uses its technology to determine if the driver is distracted or fatigued. 


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Is The Subaru BRZ tS Returning?

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The special edition Subaru BRZ tS was released last year and quickly became a Dallas favorite. With the tS standing for "tuned by STI", this performance vehicle has plenty of pep and a whole lot of style. As a special edition, the Subaru BRZ tS was only made for 500 consumers in the U.S., which left many drivers in the U.S. missing out on this outstanding coupe.

For the 2020 model year, consumers have been asking, will the Subaru BRZ tS special edition be returning? The answer? It looks promising!

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Be Impressed With The Technology In The Subaru Impreza

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Before you even explore the many technological advancements, the Subaru Impreza is already impressive. From the option to choose either a five-door hatchback or a four-door sedan to the stylish design features, efficient powertrains, and premium passenger and cargo space, the Subaru Impreza is a car that every Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) area driver will want to explore.

The added tech just enhances the entire vehicle for a better over-all driving experience. Here are some of the many included or available technological features every Irving, Arlington, and Dallas driver will enjoy:

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