Drivability Diagnosis

Drivability Diagnosis

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Figure Out What's Wrong With Your Subaru With A Drivability Diagnosis

Is there something in your Subaru Ascent that's making an odd noise? Have you noticed that your Subaru Outback is driving the way it should? Has a warning light appeared, but you aren't sure what's wrong? You can't fix your Subaru until you know what the problem is and the best way to understand the issue is to have one of our certified Subaru technicians perform a drivability diagnostic test.

What Is A Drivability Diagnosis?

Automotive technicians label problems they find in a vehicle as a drivability diagnosis or drivability diagnostic. Most models come with diagnostic fault codes that can be translated easily to a specific problem within the vehicle. These fault codes are found when a technician plugs in a simple computer device and the code pops onto the screen. Unfortunately, though, not every problem can be solved with a diagnostic fault code because not every problem has a fault code. If this is the case, then the technician will need to explore the vehicle themselves.

Why Wasn't a Diagnostic Fault Code Found?

There are a few reasons why no code could be found. These range based on the brand and age of the vehicle but may include:

  • Age of the vehicle - If your car is an older model, it may not have any codes
  • Failing to start or being hard to start
  • Surging while driving certain speeds or hesitating when you accelerate
  • Running roughly
  • And much more!

How Can You Help With The Drivability Diagnostic Process?

When it comes right down to it, you know your car better than anyone else. While you may not understand the mechanics behind it, you do know what it's supposed to sound like, how it feels in every type of driving situation, and if something is wrong. You can help your technician with their search by explaining in great detail what the problem is. Does your car make the sound only at certain times? What type of sound is it? Does your car feel different at higher or lower speeds? When do you notice the problem the most? Honestly explain to the technician when and how the problem occurs so they can begin to look.

What Happens If We Discover What's Wrong?

Once the problem is discovered, our technicians will immediately alert you to the situation. We want to keep you filled in throughout the entire process and will provide any estimates that are needed for parts and service. Once you have agreed to our course of action, then our service team will begin the repair right away. Depending on what the issue is, we may need to order parts as well.

Contact Sewell Subaru To Schedule Your Drivability Diagnostic

Whether your Subaru Crosstrek is having issues in Dallas, something's wrong with your Subaru Outback in Arlington, or you need to figure out what's going on with your car in the Dallas-Ft. Worth (DFW) area, our team of technicians would love to help. Contact our Sewell Subaru dealership to talk with our service center technicians about the issue at hand or to schedule a drivability diagnostic appointment. Our certified Subaru technicians have been working with Subaru cars, SUVs, and wagons for many combined years and understand what type of problems may arise. We'd love to get you safely back onto the Dallas area roads today!